The concept of workplace health is becoming increasingly relevant as more companies recognize the future success in a globalizing market place can only be achieved by a healthy, qualified and motivated workforce.

However, developing a healthy work environment is still not a top priority for most companies. Have you ever thought of going to work to get fit and lose weight? Most probably not! The traditional office with cubicles and artificial lighting don’t encourage physical movement other than dashing to the next meeting.

Without physical health, there is no mental health and mental performance at work. People who suffer physical health problems with invariably have reduced capacity for mental performance and eventually work performance.

We all know that the body and mind are inseparable. The 100 trillion cells in our body , including the brain, requires adequate nutrients to function properly. Healthy nutrition and exercise is the key to enhance and support healthy body and brain functions.

Having a healthy workplace environment ensure flexible and dynamic balance between meeting customer expectation and organizational targets as well as employees skills and health needs.

Benefits for employer:

  • Reduced downtime due to illness and increase productivity
  • Improved employees’ moral.
  • Project a caring and positive image, which increase employee retention.
  • Reduce health care and insurance cost

Benefits for employee:

  • Safe and healthy work environment
  • Enhance self-esteem and increase job satisfaction
  • Improve ability to handle stress.
  • Improve health and sense of well-being.

There are some companies who have implement some ad hoc projects such as health talks and yoga classes, this is well and good. But, workplace health should be an ongoing process for improving work and health, involving an integrated approach to policies, systems and practices conducive to workforce health at all levels of the organization.

Does your company has any workplace health program running at the moment? Do share what your company  is doing.

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