Toxins are chemicals that do a lot of harm to our health. They are generated internally in our body as a by products of metabolic reactions (endogenous toxins) and found in the environment we live in( exogenous toxins).

Majority of the diseases arise from the body’s inability to get rid of toxins. Therefore,  it is important that we know what they are and take steps to minimize the exposure and learn how to help our body remove them.

The toxins found in the environment come from air , water, food and drugs.

  • Air – Toxins absorbed through the lungs and skin. Toxins could be chemical vapours from plastics, glues, carpets and household cleaning chemicals
  • Water – Toxins in water are absorbed through the skin, eyes and from drinking.
  • Food – Meat cooked in high temperature, food cooked in Teflon frying pan, processed foods are sources of toxins.
  • Drugs – Anti-depressants, antibiotics are foreign bodies. Vaccines could be preserved with mercury, which is toxic.

Here are the top 7 toxins present in the environment:

1) PCB ( Polychlorinated biphenyl)

This chemical was widely used as coolant fluid in electric motors, transformers and capacitors. PCB disrupts the hormonal function in the body and cause toxicity to the brain. It was banned in US in 1979, yet it a persistent pollutant as it is still found in the environment.

2) Pesticides

Pesticides are used to kill insects that destroy agricultural crops and 50%-90% of the food contain some form of pesticides, especially fruits and vegetables.

3) Moulds and fungal toxins

Toxins produced by mould and fungal growth in sick building or on crops such as peanuts, wheat and corn.

4) Phthalates

This is used to lengthen the lifespan of fragrances and soft plastics. Food and water exposed to plastic wraps, plastics bottles and plastic food containers will be contaminated with phthalates.

5) VOC ( Volatile Organic Compound)

VOC are organic compounds that are easily vaporize at room temperature. They contribute to air pollution and can even affect the ozone in the earth atmosphere causing thinning of ozone layer. Sources of VOC are drinking water, carpet, paints, deodorants, cleaning fluids, dry clean chemicals and air fresheners.

6) Dioxins

This is a toxic organic chemical that is a by products of industrial processes and from incineration. It is a persistent pollutant that gets into the food chain via contaminated animal feeds and accumulated in the fatty tissues of animals. Dioxin affects the immune system and disrupts hormone and reproductive functions

7) Asbestos

Asbestos was used as insulating materials on flooring, ceiling, water pipes and heating ducts. The use of asbestos in building has been banned as it was found to cause lung cancer and other respiratory related diseases. However, it can still be present in old building.

The extent of toxicity we are exposed to in our modern life can been seen from the fact that the human body starts to decompose only after 7-10 days after death. It takes half the amount of formaldehyde to embalm a dead body compared to 20 years ago. This is because the toxins in our body prevent bacteria, mould and fungi from growing.

Take care to minimize exposure to these toxins in your body as long term exposure will lead to chronic diseases.

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