Stephanie Goh , HR Executive, The Walt Disney Company

Su Lee is an energetic speaker and never fails to capture the hearts of her listeners. Her passion towards health and wellness is vividly expressed during her presentations.

By actively involving her listeners, she is able to share the benefits of good health and nutrition, and also concerning issues such as obesity and weight management.

Gerald Chia, General Manager, Creative Solutions

I’ve tried losing weight for many years…sometimes with success, sometimes without, and very often returning to where I’ve started. My intentions for weight loss were genuine but my ineffective methods and lack of proper knowledge definitely stood in the way

Meeting Su Lee was definitely a push in the right direction! Her infectious energy, persuasive motivation and practical techniques have helped reduce my weight drastically for a crucial event of my life – my wedding.

Thanks, Su Lee for starting me on this journey and I’m sure you will continue to inspire many others as well!

Florence Koh, Mother of Stuart Koh

Su Lee has been my son’s personal trainer since Oct 2010. She has been a great motivator, mentor and trainer to my son, Stuart.  Stuart had weighed almost 77 kg in Oct, 2010. He stood at 154 cm tall.

Stuart had always been overweight since he was four. He became severely obese and struggled with a personal will to lose weight as he loves his food. Coupled with a stubbornness and devil may care attitude,  it was an uphill task for Su Lee and the family to convince him to lose weight.

He is also a fifteen year old teen that prefers a sedentary lifestyle,  exercising his thumbs only at Xbox and computer games. With a will of steel, Su Lee persevered in encouraging, admonishing and praising him. She has managed to convince him to eat his greens and fruit. An accomplishment in itself.

With much encouragement from Su Lee, our family is now eating unpolished rice, more greens and fruit. Thanks to Su Lee, all of us are healthier as a result of it!

I am also happy to report that Stuart is now 68 kg. Although he resists Su Lee’s strict recording of his food log and strenuous exercises,  I know that he is inwardly grateful that Su Lee cares for him.