Recession is a nasty thing. Companies downsize or closure causing people to lose their jobs. Being laid off means cut in expenses and the last thing you want is to be down with illness requiring hospitalization. So, you need to recession proof your health.

You must gain control of your healthcare cost by being proactive. Take charge of your health by optimizing your body function.  Increase your chance of passing through your 50s, 60s, and beyond without experiencing debilitating diseases such as stroke or heart attack.

Change your lifestyle by adopting 5 simple health values:

1) Drink more water

Water is the best liquid for your body. If you drink water before your meal, you will feel full and eat less. This is a great way to lose weight.

Drinking 2 liters of water burns 96 calories. This help to increase your body metabolic rate as energy is needed to bring water to the body temperature.

Drinking enough water helps to flush out toxins from the body, thus, preventing self-poisoning.

2) Eat fresh food, fruits and vegetables

The World Health Organization recommends at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day. You can achieve this by having fruits at breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat vegetables during lunch and dinner.

Eating fruits before a meal will help to make you feel full, and make you eat less. This is another strategy to lose weight.

Fruits and vegetables are fresh, unprocessed food which provide healthy complex carbohydrates which maintain a steady blood sugar level. Thus, providing a steady supply of energy to your body.

3) Move daily

Moving your body a little more each day goes a long way to improving your health. Burning 3500 calories will lose 0.45 kg of fat.

If you are overweight and hate to exercise but want to lose weight, by not increasing your calorie intake and walking everyday 5 times a week, you can lose weight.  Consider the maths:

Suppose you are 90 kg. If you walk 3 km at the average speed of 5 km/hr, you will burn 265 calories. Walking like this every day for 5 times a week, in one year you will lose 8.5 kg. In 3 years time, you can get your weight down from 90 kg to 65 kg. No fad diets or expensive slimming packages required.

4) Get enough rest

This is not just about sleeping. It’s about mental down time, in which we are awake but resting our minds and senses – not answering phone calls or checking emails.

Simply set aside 15 min in your day for quiet time for meditation, walk in nature or just daydreaming. All these activities allow the brain to rest and replenish the beneficial chemicals in the brain. You will find better sense of well-being and concentration.

5) Deep breathing

When you breathe fast and shallow, your body interprets this as something stressful and triggers the production of stress hormones causing an increase in blood pressure, heartbeat and muscle to tense up.

Conscious deep breathing cause the body to relax, heart beat and blood pressure to drop. It sends oxygen to the brain cells for better concentration and focus.

Combine these health values with the power nutrients, you will be able to optimize your body function and prevent many diseases down the line.

This is recession proofing your health and you can reap not just the financial rewards but also a sense of total well-being which money cannot buy.

What do you think of these health values? I would love to hear your opinion.

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