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You may see a lot of weight lost program in the market that promote “ Lose Weight, No Exercise Needed”. Can you really lose weight, get lean and stay lean without exercising?

Yes, you can. If you are obese and has a knee or ankle problem that does not allow you to work out, you may diet first to lose some weight and take the pressure off the problem joints. Then exercise later.

However, dieting alone is the WORST way to lose weight. This is because the weight lost is not just fat lost but from lean muscle and water loss. You can end up be “skinny fat

The proper way to lose weight and body fat is to EAT LESS and BURN MORE. Diet can take the weight off, but it will not give you the “hot” body that is fitter and stronger.

Here are 10 reasons why exercise and not just diet alone is the better method for losing weight:

  1. It helps to reduce and burn calories faster
  2. It increases metabolism and gives you the energy to do your work.
  3. It helps you sleep better and manage stress better.
  4. It builds muscle and improves strength and stamina
  5. It increases bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
  6. It prevents diabetes and control blood sugar level by using the blood sugar for energy
  7. It improves blood vessel and heart (cardiovascular) health by relaxing the blood vessels and strengthen the heart muscles.
  8. It produces a “feel good hormone” that improves your mood, helps relief depression and increase self-esteem.
  9. It improves the flexibility of your joints and increases flexibility and mobility as you age.
  10. It keeps the weight off for long-term because you are burning fat and calories.

Scientific researchers have already proven that weight lost treatment must have dieting combined with exercise in order to be effective.

It is easy to go for the magic diet pill or no-sweat technique to lose weight. But they will fail you time and again. Therefore, the long-term weight lost method is to diet AND exercise. Remember, NO SWEAT, NO GAIN.

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