Researchers have found that eating a high carb and protein “Big Breakfast” followed by low carb, low calories diet for the rest of the day is effective in achieving and maintaining weight loss.

The most common problem plaque by dieters is abandoning whatever diets they were on and regaining the weight they lost. Most studies have shown that very low carb diet is not good method to reduce weight.

Very low carb diet exacerbates craving for carb and reduce body metabolism. Weight loss happens for a short period of time but rapid weight gain after. Only 5% carb restrictive diets were successful after 2 years. These diets do not address cravings and addictive eating.

Dr Daniel Jakubowicz from Hospital de Clinicas, Venezuela together with researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, showed that the long term success of diets depend on their ability to increase a sense of fullness and reduce carb cravings.

The 8 months study was done on 94 obese and physically inactive women. One group was fed a low carb diet at 1085 calories a day consisting of 17g carb, 51g protein, 78 g fat. Breakfast was 290 calories consisting of 7g carb and 12g protein.

The other group was fed on 1240 calories a day consisting of 46g total fat, 97g carb, and 93 g protein. Breakfast was 610 calories consisting of 58 g carb, 47 g protein, and 22g fat. Lunch was controlled at 395 calories and dinner at 235 g

After the first 4 months, both groups lost 23-28 lb of weights; hence, there was no significant difference yet. By the end of the 8-month, the group with low carb diet regains an average of 18 lb.  While the group with “Big Breakfast”, high carb and high protein continue to lose an average of 16.5 lb.  Participants felt less hungry before lunch and have fewer cravings for carb.

The high carb and high protein “Big Breakfast” diet work because it controls appetite for sweets and starches by giving the feeling of fullness. It is healthier than extremely low carb diets because of the high fiber and antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.

You can get high carb and high protein breakfast with eggs, cottage cheese, nuts, protein shakes and oatmeal’s. Try out the recipes from SparkRecipes

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