Heart attack happened when the blood supply to the heart is cut off due to blockage of the artery. The medical treatment is normally to remove the blockage followed by a cocktail of drugs to stabilize the condition.

The current treatment for blocked artery is by angioplasty or stenting. Angioplasty is done by inserting a balloon tipped catheter into a blocked artery and inflating the balloon to clear the blockage. When the balloon has a flexible stent or wire mesh tube to prop open the artery to prevent from collapsing, it is stenting.

After clearing the blocked artery, a cocktail of drugs is normally administered to stabilize the condition. The drugs include aspirin for blood thinning, beta-blocker to relax blood vessel, statins to manage the cholesterol level in the body.

Recent research published in the Achieves of Internal Medicine in February 2012 by Dr. Kathleen Stergiopoulous and Dr David Brown of Story Brook University Medical State, New York, showed that stenting and angioplasty may not be necessary. She analyzed results of trials conducted from 1997-2011 of 7229 patients. The conclusion was stenting did not improve the risk of  chest pain, artery blockage and subsequent death.

Whatever the argument with regards to drug therapy or stenting, both do not really help the heart to recover. Stenting or angioplasty restores the blood flow while drugs work on the secondary effects. The benefits of stenting or angioplasty only last for 1-3 years, while long-term drug therapy has negative consequences of toxins overload and side effects.

The heart muscle is normally weakened after a heart attack. The only way the heart muscle can recover is through proper nutrition.

Farida Jeejeebhoy reported her research in the American Heart Journal in June 2002, patients who had a heart bypass were given supplementation of Co-enzyme Q10, carnitine and taurine. The group of patients with supplementation reported an increase the heart function of pumping blood to the body.

Therefore, while conventional medical treatment is necessary to alleviate heart attack initially, proper nutrition intake is critical for the ultimate treatment of the heart. For more information on what nutrition can treat and improve the heart refer to Protect Your Heart Now!

Don’t be complacent and rely solely on medication. Take charge of your heart health now with lifestyle change to healthy diet and improving your physical fitness through regular exercises. Check out Heart Disease: 5 Ways To Prevent It.

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