My friend’s husband just died of heart attack on Easter Sunday. He was on his way home from his morning cycling exercise when he felt unwell and stopped by the roadside. He vomited, collapsed and died. By the time the ambulance arrived, his heart has stopped. Autopsy reported that he died of arterial thrombosis.

Arterial thrombosis is a blood clot in the artery. The blood clot in the artery stops the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle and builds up of metabolic products that are toxic. This leads to heart muscle cell death and heart attack.

Arterial thrombosis is caused by fatty deposits that build up in the arterial wall leading to hardening and narrowing of blood vessel. The harden artery burst causing blood to clot and stopping blood supply to the tissues.

Risk factors for arterial thrombosis are:

As you can see, there are no warning signs. The risk factors build up over time and heart attack can strike anytime.

Many of us are complacent to think that medication to control cholesterol and high blood pressure and diabetes is good enough and believe that the drugs will keep the conditions normal.

However, the medication does not cure because if you stop taking the medication, the cholesterol level, blood pressure and blood sugar will shoot up.  Further more, most medications have risks of undesirable side effects that have long-term health consequences and they reach a plateau in the effectiveness.

The best way is to makes to changes to your lifestyle to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and take control of diabetes so that you can free yourself of dependence on drugs.

Start a new healthy lifestyle today before it is too late as there are no warning signs and when an attack happens, it is too late!

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