This is a case study of Provident Insurance, how implementing wellness program has help to improve the company and became the “Employer of choice”.

Provident Insurance with about 430 employees based in Halifax, has been having problems attracting good candidates to re-locate to Halifax to work there. This problem is particularly acute in the face of strong competition from other insurance companies in attracting talents.

Provident developed “ Well-being-at work” providing a wide range of activities such that there is something for everyone to participate.

Well-being-at-work program include:

  • Organizing annual sporting events such as squash and football tournaments.
  • Organizing weight management program and weight loss challenge
  • Conducting smoking intervention class for the 17% employees who smoke
  • Promote the benefits of exercise
  • Encourage employees to cycle to work
  • Issue pedometer to all employees to encourage them to walk more.

What is the impact of the Well-being-at-work program?

  • Reduce staff turnover from 20% in 2005 to 16% in 2006
  • Reduce absence from sickness from 2.3% in 2005 to 2.1% in 2006
  • 44% of the employees attended the health-screening program for early detection of health problems.
  • The 1-to-1 supports from the smoking intervention program led to 10 employees giving up smoking during the 3 months period.

Provident Insurance has been able to develop into “Employer of choice”.

Are you thinking of implement wellness program for your company and are needing help? Contact me to develop suitable program to improve your workplace health.