In my last post, we look at how increasing thermogenesis leads to higher metabolic rate and more energy. Let’s look at what food can increase thermogenesis and gives you more energy, burns fat and lose weight.

1) Caffeine

Caffeine is well-known to stimulate metabolism. When caffeine is taken before aerobic activity, it helps to increase caloric expenditure by burning fat as energy first, leaving the muscle glycogen last. In this way, it helps to improve the performance of endurance sports.

2) Capsaicin

This is the ingredient in chilies that makes it hot and burning. Capsaicin increase thermogenesis, and that is the reason why you feel hot after eating chilies. Therefore, eating spicy food containing capsaicin will help to lose weight.

3) Green Tea

Green tea is rich in catechins, which is a powerful antioxidant. Catechins stimulates thermogenesis and fat burning. Green tea also contains caffeine, makes it powerful ingredient that help to limit weight gain after weight loss program.

4) High protein food

Harvard School of Public Health reported that digestion of protein requires about 30% of the energy, compared to digestion of carbohydrate at 15% and fat is the lowest at 5%. That is the reason why a diet of lean protein helps to burn more calories and helps with weight loss.

5) Grapefruit

Grapefruit contains a type of flavonoid called naringin, which increase the metabolic rate and helps to burn fat for energy. It helps to curb your appetite, control hunger and makes you feel full.

6) Iced water

Drinking cold-water cause the body to burn calories to bring the water into body temperature before it can be used.

These food cause diet induced thermogenesis, increasing the body core temperature and metabolic rate. For effective weight loss, you also need to work on work-induced thermogenesis from activities and exercises.

Do you know of other food that can increase thermogenesis and metabolic rate ? Share with me in the comment box below.

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