I am a firm believer of “We Are What We Eat”. But have you considered “Eat What You Are”? By that, I mean eating according to your blood type.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo N.D introduced this concept in his first book “ Eat Right for Your Type” whereby our genetic make up and our blood type determines the way we digest food.

Good digestion results in not only from choosing the right food but keeping the digestive system tuned and balanced such that the digestive juices, enzymes and hormones are optimized for nutrient absorption and elimination.

Some foods contain components that react directly with blood antigens leading to inflammation and production of toxins. If we eat food that is not compatible with our stomach enzymes and digestive juices, the food is not broken down properly. The body reacts to improperly digested food like a foreign substance causing stomach-ache, gas, bloating, vomiting and some severe case diarrhea.

Let’s look at the different blood types:

Blood Type O

People with this blood type have the hardiest digestive system. They produce a lot of stomach acid, which digest meat well. So, they are suited for a meat diet, but should minimize carbohydrates such as wheat and gluten and dairy products.

Due to the high amount of stomach acids, it is advisable to avoid coffee as it produces even more stomach acids. Green tea would be a good alternative.

The excessive digestive juice makes blood type O individuals prone to stomach ulcer. But they can take hard exercises such as jogging, weight training and aerobics.

Blood Type A

People with blood type A do not produce enough digestive juice. So, they have fragile digestive system and cannot tolerate animal protein and dairy products.  They are the classic vegetarians.

Due to the fragile digestive system, blood type A individual are prone to pernicious anemia (inability to absorb Vitamin B12 )  and Vitamin B12 deficiency ( vitamin B12 is found in most meat ). Exercises that are suitable for this blood type are Tai chi and Yoga

Blood Type B

Blood type B people are in between blood type O and A. They have the most tolerant digestive system. So, they can tolerate most food well but it is important to find the balance between meat and vegetarian diet.

People with this blood type should avoid chicken. Chicken contains a lectin, which sticks to red blood cells and causing gluing or clotting.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, but avoid wheat and gluten.

Blood Type AB

Blood type AB shares the benefits and challenges of blood type A and B. Most food that is bad for blood type A and B would apply to blood type AB.

People with blood type AB  have low stomach acids but has the adaptation of blood type B to digest meat. However, the digested meat tends to be stored as fat.

Some people I know who switched to such a diet have reported to be feeling better. So, if you are interested, you can find more details from the book. There is a long list of what you can eat and that will help you in your choices. After all, knowledge is power.

What is your blood type? Have you tried eating according to your blood type?

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