Cancer is the number one killer in the world. In my last post, I talked about how you can prevent cancer, as you know prevention is better than cure. What if you already have cancer? Can you cure it and prevent it from coming back?

The standard cancer treatment is surgery, radiation or chemotherapy for solid tumor such as cancer found in the lung, breast, colon and so on. In spite of medical research effort, these treatments seem to have reached a plateau.

Despite evidence of increased cure rate in the treatment of childhood leukemia, testicular cancer and Hodgkin’s lymphoma, there is growing fear of the development of secondary cancers and complications that are the result of these treatments.

The good news lies in the fact that medical research is beginning to support the idea of supplementation with a mixture of antioxidants and supporting nutrients. These mix actually complement and enhance traditional cancer treatments.

Oncologist and radiation therapist usually discourage the use of antioxidants or traditional Chinese medicine in patients receiving treatments for their cancer. The concern is with the possibility of the antioxidant supplement will build up the defense system of the cancer cells, making the treatment less effective.

Dr Kedar Prasad and Arun Kumar reported in the Journal of American College of Nutrition high doses of multivitamin antioxidants improve the efficacy of standard cancer therapy. Therefore, antioxidants have 2 effects on cancer treatments:

Antioxidants help destroy cancer cells

Normal healthy cells take up nutrients only in the amount that are needed and not more. Cancer cells, on the other hand, continue to absorb antioxidants and supporting nutrients without knowing when to stop.

The intake of excessive antioxidants makes the cancer cells more vulnerable to cell death. So, antioxidants help to destroy cancer cells.

Antioxidants help good cells

As radiation and chemotherapy creates oxidative stress in healthy good cells, antioxidants improve the good cells defense system against the damaging effect of radiation and chemotherapy.

When a patient takes high dose of antioxidants supplements during cancer treatment, he improve the defense system of normal cells since they take up these antioxidants normally.

This creates a win-win situation where chemotherapy or radiation can work at their peak on cancer cells and the damage to the healthy good cells is significantly reduced.

Hence, antioxidants and their supporting nutrients is the ideal complementary agent with cancer treatment for many reasons:

  • Limit and prevent free radical damage to DNA, the genetic material of normal cells
  • Provide nutrients needed for the body to repair any damage that has already happened
  • Are safe and can be taken over a lifetime compared to drugs
  • They are relatively inexpensive compared to cancer treatment
  • Can cause tumor regression in some and prevent further cancer advancement.

Having cancer is not a death sentence. You can see examples of the types of  antioxidants that can fight and prevent cancer in my previous post.

With low-cost antioxidant supplementation and supporting nutrients, you can fight and stop cancer and add years to your life and life to your years.

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