Green tea is an important nutrient that is either taken in the form of supplement or simply as a refreshing beverage. Green tea has many benefits for our health.

The first reference to green tea was found in Chinese literature dates back 5000 years ago. An emperor was sitting under a tree, reading with a cup of hot water. Some leaves fell into the water and the emperorĀ  drank it accidentally. He liked the taste of the drink and felt much re-vitalized. Green tea has been enjoyed in the Asian culture ever since. An ancient Chinese proverb said “Better be deprived of food for three days than eat for one”

The main ingredient in green tea is the Epigallocatechin (EGCG), carotenoids, tocopherols, ascorbic acids, chromium, manganese, selenium and zinc. Green tea leaves are steamed as opposed to black and white tea leaves, which are fermented. The steaming process prevent the EGCG is being oxidized, hence preserving the high level.

Epigallocatechin (EGCG) is 100 times more potent antioxidant than Vitamin C and E. It is 2 times more powerful than Resveratrol (antioxidants found in skin of red grapes).

One cup of green tea contains 50-150 mg of polyphenols. Drink 2-3 cups a day will give you sufficient amount of antioxidants in your body.

Benefits of Green Tea

1) Boost Immune System

Green tea is a powerful free radical scavenger especially in highly oxidative stress situations due to diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and heart disease.

2) Prevents Cancer

The powerful free radical scavenger activities prevent damages to DNA, which contribute to cancer. EGCG regulates and inhibits cancer cell growth.

2006 Yale University School of Medicine meta-analysis found that a large amount of green tea consumed by Asian reduce the rate of heart disease and cancer despite the prevalence of cigarette smoking.

3) Rheumatoid Arthritis

Study reported in the Proceedings of National Academy of Science showed green tea reduces the incidence and severity of rheumatoid arthritis. EGCG protects cartilage destruction and reduce joint swelling and pain.

4) Stabilize Cholesterol

Green tea reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive tract and increase the rate of secretion from the body. EGCG prevents oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol), thus, reducing the build up of deposits that block the blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke

5) Promote Weight Loss

Polyphenols present in greed tea helps to dissolve triglycerides. Green tea stimulates metabolism and promote fat break down.

Have you had your cup of green tea today? How much green tea do you drink each day? Share with me in the comment box below.

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