There is a saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper”. As you can see from my last post, there are benefits in eating breakfast. It is not just any breakfast but healthy breakfast that will give your body the required nutrients to fuel your body and kick-start the day.

A good breakfast should contain macro-nutrients from protein, fat and carbohydrates plus micro-nutrients from vitamin and mineral and high in fiber.

Here are 6 healthy breakfast ideas for you to try.

1) Oatmeal, flaxseed, blueberries and almond

Steel cut oatmeal is healthier. But if you cannot afford the time to cook it, instant oatmeal is a good alternative. Add ground flaxseed, frozen blueberries and sliced almond to the instant oatmeal. This provides you with fiber, omega-3, antioxidants and complex carbohydrates.

2) Scrambled tofu

This is healthier than scrambled eggs, which is loaded with cholesterol. Saute onion and garlic with mashed firm tofu and sprinkle turmeric powder. This looks like real scrambled eggs that is full of protein, but without the unhealthy cholesterol.

3) Soy protein shake

Make a shake with soy protein powder, low fat yoghurt, blending with banana, apple and walnuts. You can get protein, magnesium, fiber, and food fats from this shake. This is easy to prepare and you can take it on the go.

4) Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is a good source of fiber, vitamin B, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. Simply baked or steam it and you can dress it up with maple syrup and nuts for added flavour. But it is simply delicious eaten on its own.

5) Egg white with peppers

Egg whites are healthier and full of protein. Scramble the egg white with olive oil, bell peppers, onion and broccoli. Eat it with whole wheat toast. That will give you plenty of protein, omega-3, antioxidants and good carbohydrates.

6) Fresh fruits salad

Cut up apples, melon, berries, oranges, pears and banana or any other fruits you can find in your fridge. Add a bit of lemon or lime as well as nuts and seeds. This is power packed in vitamin, minerals, fiber and good fats.

Try out these healthy breakfast ideas and see the difference it to your day.

Do you have any other ideas for healthy breakfast? Share with me in the comment box below.

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