Psoriasis is a common skin problem, which anyone can get it. It is not contagious, but it is incurable.

There are 5 main types of psoriasis:

  • Erythrodermic – patches of redness covering a wide area on the skin.
  • Guttate – small red or pink dots on any parts of the body
  • Inverse – redness and irritation on the skin area of the groin, and in between overlapping skin.
  • Plaque – thick, red patches on the skin covered by flaky, sliver white scale.
  • Pustular – white blister surrounded by area of redness and irritated skin.

What cause psoriasis?

There are a few trigger points for psoriasis to occur. Bacterial infection, dry skin, injury to the skin, too little or too much sun, certain medicine such as beta blocker can trigger psoriasis to occur.

People with weak immune system or have a history of arthritis do develop severe psoriasis.

Symptoms of psoriasis could include the following:

  • Itchy, irritated, red flaky patches on the elbow, knee and middle parts of the body.
  • Dry skin with sliver, flaky patches on the skin.
  • Pink-red patches on the skin that can be raised and thick.
  • Thick, yellow-brown nails.
  • Severe dandruff

Once psoriasis developed, it is difficult to cure. You can only mange the symptoms and doctors normally prescribe cortisone cream and oral immunosuppressant drugs. These treatments normally have side effects and are toxic.

Rather than using toxic medication, here are 5 ways you can treat psoriasis naturally:

1) Avoid alcohol

Alcohol dehydrate the body and increases histamine production in psoriasis lesions. When you abstain from alcohol, you will find the occurrence of psoriasis reduced.

2) High fiber diet

When Psoriasis developed, it can cause inflammatory response, which produces a lot of toxins circulating in the body. Fiber absorbs toxins and removes them from the body. Take 30-50 grams of fiber a day.

3) Plant based diet

Plant sterols are high antioxidants, which counter the free radicals produced by inflammation in psoriasis. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially taking them raw. Whole grains such as beans and lentil are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Chlorophyll and micro-algae such as Spirulina help to reduce toxins load in the blood. Hence, they cleanse the blood and reduce trigger potential of psoriasis.

4) Reduce pro-inflammatory substances

Avoid processed food such as ham, sausages and bacon as they contain a lot of chemical additives that can trigger psoriasis flare up. Fried food are high in Omega-6, which triggers inflammation ( pro-inflammatory substance).

Gluten, dairy and eggs can also trigger inflammation and psoriasis.

Food that are anti-inflammatory are aloe vera, oily fish such as salmon, olive oil, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

5) Essential supplements

Compliment a good diet with supplements to enhance the treatment;

  • Vitamin A protects the skin tissues.
  • Zinc helps with skin healing,
  • Antioxidants such as Quercetin, has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. Other antioxidants such as pine bark, pomegranate, grape seeds and green tea.

Here is an example of successful treatment of psoriasis naturally:

Charly Lim has been suffering from psoriasis for 2 years. She went to many doctors including Chinese Traditional Medicine. None could treat her condition.

A friend recommended her to do a 30 days detox of her digestive system with Clear Start 30 Days Detox to remove the parasite and undigested waste that contribute to toxins load in her body. Then, she took 3 liters of Super Chlorophyll powder in water daily.

Within 2 weeks, her psoriasis cleared. When you look at her now, you cannot imagine that she had psoriasis before.

Clear Start 30 Days Detox and Super Chlorophyll are products from Unicity.

Follow a healthy diet and with the correct supplementation, you can treat psoriasis naturally

Do you have psoriasis? How are you managing the condition? Share with me in the comment box below.

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