Food high in sugar, fat and salt are invariably delicious. When offered in wide variety and large quantity, we lose control and overeat. Why we lose control was covered in my last post.

Dr. David Kessler’s book “ The End of Overeating” investigates this problem and offers some solution.

He proposed in his book that treatment for conditioned overeating is not impossible. But to change such an entrenched habit, it requires effect and determination to re-learn your behavior.

Here are the steps for treatment:

First step is being aware of the signals and cue that prompts you to overeat. Being aware is essential and the first step to gaining control

Second step is developing competing behavior and alternative response that is opposite to overeating. This needs to be planned and practiced so that when you do meet with it, you are not thrown into chaotic behavior and lose control.

Third step is developing competing thoughts. Instead of thinking how nice and rewarding you will feel, think of how bad this food is for you. Be conscious of the long-term negative impact to your health and waistline if you lose control.

Fourth step is to develop proper support system from your love ones. They keep you on track and help you sustain and reinforce the motivation next to engage in overeating behavior.

Lastly, you must learn to view highly delicious food in negative light. Focus on how much sugar, fat and salt as well as the additives that in the food and they are no good for you.

For the treatment to be effective, it depends on your ability to learn new behavior and habit through determination and lots of practice . This will take time and effort.

Finally, we have to change the perception of highly delicious food as enemies not friends and stop expecting such food to make us feel better.

Get some control back into your hands by following these steps.

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