In our every busy work schedule and erratic working hours, it is a challenge to wake up early to exercise or find it easy to follow a healthy diet.

But, many of us realized it is necessary to follow a reasonable healthy diet and exercise at least 3 times a week in order to avoid chronic, hereditary ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

Here are some simple and natural dietary methods you can follow that will see yourself losing weight and relieving mental stress as well as keeping chronic ailments at bay.

1) Cook Your Own Food

I know this is next to impossible for busy executives. But, microwave oven and other technologies have made cooking very easy and less time-consuming. People who cook their own meals at lunch eat much less and more healthily than those who eat out.

2) Pack Your Own Lunch

This is next best to cooking your own lunch. Home cooked food, even from last night’s dinner, is much better than canteen food. You can control the portions, salt and oil with home cooked food.

3) Eat Healthy Snacks

Instead of munching on biscuits, chips, cookies in between meals, take fruits, nuts and juices. They keep you healthy by providing essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. These healthier snacks also prevent your blood sugar from going yo-yo.

4) Balance Meal

It is impossible to avoid the birthday treats or office lunches. But, you can balance out the oily, fatty, meal with lighter meals of salads, fresh fruits or juices at night or in the next meal.

5) Salt

Most foods served in canteen and restaurants are loaded in salt that will cause water retention. A simple bowl of wanton noodle soup is easily 1500-2000 mg of salt, which is your day’s target of salt intake.

6) Coffee And Sugary Beverages

Reduce intake of coffee and sugary beverages by reducing the number of trips to the coffee machines or vending machines. Sugary drinks are empty calories, spike your blood sugar and cause the brain to lose focus. Substitute with green tea that is packed with antioxidants and helps to burn fats.

7) Exercise When You Work

Can’t find time to exercise? Incorporate it into your work. Do not sit for too long at your desk. Don’t be afraid to drink plenty of water such that you have to go to the toilet often. This gives you the chance to get moving regularly to maintain good blood circulation and move your muscles. Walk to your colleague’s cubicle instead of talking to them on the phone. Walk briskly from the bus stop or train station and take the stairs instead of lift or elevator.

Follow these simple strategies and you will find yourself physically lighter and mentally less stressful.

Do you know of other strategies that have helped you? Share with us in the comment box below.

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