Heart disease is one of the leading health threats. According to the America Heart Association (AHA), 85% of the disease is preventable.

With this aim in mind, the American Heart Association launched a wellness event called “Start! Heart Walk” to encourage a healthy lifestyle choices.  Walker can organize teams at the workplace, family or friends.

Debbie Hansen of Dallas puts it into action by “ start doing something” and “went out of the door”. She walked around the building, where she works, just once to start so that she does not “wear out my shoes”.

She challenged herself to make 11 rounds around the office building to make it 1 mile. She did not do it all at once. Debbie broke it up into 5 min at one time, 10 min at another and 15 min another time. Eventually, they all add up. She is now up to 3 miles around the building.

As for diet, she made small changes; more fruits, fewer fast foods from drive through, Dr. Peppers. Now, she eats Dr.Peppers only once a week.

Debbie lost 120 lb, and another 100 lb to go. She said, “ I still have more to go, but it took me 40-something years to get to this round, so it’ll take me a few more to get this hundred pound “

The American Heart Association launched a “Life’s Simple 7 Campaign” which is designed to improve health by educating the public how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Life is Simple 7 Campaign consist of:

  1. Avoid tobacco
  2. Be physically active
  3. Eat a healthy diet
  4. Keep a healthy weight
  5. Control of blood pressure
  6. Control of Cholesterol
  7. Control diabetes

These 7 simple steps will go a long way to achieving healthier heart and weight.

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