Cancer is the most feared disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) recorded 7.8 million deaths from cancer in 2008 and this is projected to increase to 13.1 million by 2030.  

While the medical industry has advanced to develop cancer treatments with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, most of these treatments are aggressive and leave the body totally weaken and stressed. We actually have a natural cure for cancer.

What is cancer?

Cancer is a single abnormal cell that multiplies out of control and grows into groups of cells to form tumors. The tumors invade healthy tissues and affect the proper functioning of the tissues and organs.

The normal cells are attacked by carcinogens, which are substances that promote the development of cancerous cells. Carcinogens could be from air, the food we eat and within the body. The immune system is constantly fighting and suppressing the development of cancer.

Cancer symptoms manifest when the body’s own immune system is overwhelmed and could not cope with the fight.

Cancer development takes place over a period of time. It goes through 3 stages:

Stage 1 – Initiation

When chemicals or other agents attack the DNA (genetic material) of normal cell, modifying the cells and reproduce itself with the modified DNA before it can be repaired.

Stage 2 – Promotion

Genetically modified cells grow into cell mass that is eventually diagnosed. This may take months and years before it can be detected by current medical diagnostics. However, it is also possible to reverse cancer growth at this stage.

Stage 3 – Progression

Cancerous cell invade neighboring tissues and break away and travel to other parts of the body.

What is the cure for cancer?

The answer is a plant-based diet with nutrients and antioxidants that can prevent and reverse the development of cancer cells.

Dr T Colin Campbell, Professor Emeritus of Cornell University and author of the book “The China Study” conducted a massive study of cancer death rate and other diseases in 2400 counties in China. The study produced more than 8000 statistical results that showed cancer is less prevalent in China versus United States. This is primary because of a diet of less fat, less protein, more fiber and less animal food.

Steinmetz reported in the Journal of American Dietetic Association in October 1996 issue linking the relationship between vegetables and fruits consumption and the risk of cancer in 206 human studies and 22 animal studies. The conclusion is the protective effect of greater vegetable and fruits consumption lower the risks of various types of cancers; stomach, esophagus, lung, oral cavity and endometrium, pancreas and colon.

How does plant-based diet cure cancer?

A plant-based diet is a cancer fighting power house because of the following factors:

1) Less fat

Plant nutrients are less in saturated fat. High intake of saturated fat is linked to higher rates of cancer.

Milk protein, casein, as well as any kind of animal protein, make the body tissue environment acidic , which promotes cancer development.

2) More fiber

There is no fiber in meat, dairy, sugar and processed foods. Fruits , vegetables and whole grains have the most fiber and play a key role in keeping digestive system clean and healthy. Fiber keeps food moving through the digestive tract, so that carcinogens are purged out before then can cause any harm.

Bile acid secreted into the intestine during the digestion of fat can be converted into carcinogens by the bacteria present. Fiber binds and shields the bile acid from the attack by bacteria and expels them from the body.

Fiber also binds estrogen hormone that is secreted into the intestine and prevent it from being reabsorbed. High level of estrogen is known to increase the risk of breast cancer.

3) High in antioxidants

Antioxidants present in plants help to protect against cancer. The attack of carcinogens on normal cells causes oxidative stress, which is counteracted by antioxidants.

Fruits and vegetables contain a wide variety of antioxidants that can counter all possible types of free radicals generated from oxidative stress conditions.

Even after consuming a poor diet high in animal protein, processed foods earlier in life, converting to a plant-based diet will stop the damage and reverse cancer. A plant-based diet provides essential nutrients for the body’s own immune system to fight the war of cancer and win.

Do you know of anyone who got cured from cancer with plant-based diet? Share with me in the comment box below.

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