Do you know that you could be in the healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) range of 18-23, but has high percentage of body fat?  Therefore, focus on your body fat rather than body weight as a gauge for good health.

Body fat is the percentage of fat the body contains. Healthy body fat for women is 20-30% and for men is 10-20%. Find out your body fat from the body fat percentage calculator.

High body fat is caused by high caloric diet of refined carbohydrate and lack of exercise to burn off the excess calories. Eating food that have fat in them will not necessarily make you gain body fat.

The only way to lose body fat is to reduce the calories from the food intake and burn off the excess calories with exercise.

Do not be fooled by what your weighing scale tells you.  When you are on a weight lost program, it is important to calculate the body fat percentage before, during and after the program.  Why?

Researches have shown that many fad diets with little or no exercise can cause one to lose as much lean muscle as body fat.  There is a high chance of returning to pre-diet weight resulting in more body fat and reduced lean muscle. You cannot see these changes from the weighing scale, but a body fat measurement will.

Achieving ideal body weight with healthy body fat requires long-term lifestyle change adopting healthy diet and regular exercise. Bear in mind that you can’t pick out what part of your body you want the fat to come off. The procedure is the same.

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