Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Eating a healthy breakfast, not just any breakfast, can improve work performance in adults and school results in students.

We wake up in the morning with our body screaming for food because most of it has been depleted and used for repair and regeneration during our sleep. Eating breakfast is like refueling and restocking the body with the energy we need for the work and study. So, we can begin the day with a full tank of the right fuel.  Going to school or work without breakfast is like running a car on an empty tank.

If we don’t refuel the body in the morning after an overnight fast, the body will have to draw fuel from it’s own energy stores until the next meal. This stress the body as stress hormone is necessary to move the energy reserves, which may leave us feeling irritable, tired and unable to learn and perform work well.

Research has shown that students who eat breakfast are likely to achieve higher grades, more focus on the lesson and participate more during class discussion. Skipping breakfast will lead to eating less nutritious food and give in to junk food cravings.

It is not just eating breakfast but the right type of breakfast that matters. Examples of unhealthy breakfast are:

  • Too sugary or refined carbs: pancake, waffles, pastries, scone and muffins
  • Too fatty: fried eggs, sausage, bacon, hash brown.

What is a healthy breakfast?

Complex carbohydrate and protein in equivalent amount of calories makes the brain alert and contribute to better learning. (Check my post on Brain Food). On the contrary, high carbohydrate and little protein sedate the brain rather than stimulate the brain to learn. This is even more so with refined carbohydrates.

Here are some healthy suggestions for healthy breakfast:

  1. Instant oatmeal with fruits, add a dash of grounded flaxseed and almonds
  2. Whole grain cereal from rolled oats, dried fruits, nuts in low fat milk or soya milk
  3. Scrambled tofu with onion, tomato, capsicum and garlic is a healthy alternative to scrambled eggs
  4. Yoghurt with fruits
  5. Whole meal bread toast
  6. Fruit salad with cottage cheese
  7. Shake blend of yoghurt, milk or soya milk and fruits

Most people who do not eat breakfast give no time or can’t stomach anything in the morning as reasons. While catching that valuable sleep is necessary (check my earlier post on sleep), it is equally important to wake up early enough to have a proper breakfast. Check out my earlier post to see the effect of bad breakfast.

Are you eating the right breakfast? Do share with me your favorite breakfast recipes.

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