Health is Wealth is a book written by Dr.Louis Ignarro, a Nobel Laureate in Medicine and Dr. Andrew Myers.My last post covered, from the book, the new concept of health, redefining diseases and Nutrient Deficit Syndrome.

Now, let’s look at 10 vital nutrients that you should take to increase your odds of living up to 100 years old.

1) Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid ( ALA)  is a fatty acid that can be found in every cell in our body. It function to covert glucose into usable energy to power the body function. It is also a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.

Regular intake can work on diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease. ALA reduces the nerve pain, numbness and tingling feeling suffered by diabetic patients.

ALA is found in many foods, but it present at low-level in most of them. ALA taken from food has not been shown to increase ALA in the blood or cells. Therefore, it is better to take supplements. Recommended dosage is 600 mg.

2) Amino Acids

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of all proteins. Essential amino acids cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained from food. Most of the protein containing food would have amino acids.

There are more than 20 amino acids in the body. The following ones are the key ones:

Arginine – Important for the heart. Plays an important role in wound healing and blood pressure.

Tyrosine – Important for depression. It is needed in the condition for stress, fatigue and sleep deprivation.

Tryptophan – Important for insomnia and depression. It is a precursor to neurotransmitter, melatonin, which helps induce sleep.

Taurine – Important for heart and metabolism. It alleviates muscle fatigue and helps reduce weight and blood sugar in diabetes.

Lysine – Important for immune system. Plays an important role in calcium absorption and building muscle protein.

Cysteine – Important antioxidant. It is a powerful detoxifying agent.

Citruline – Important for heart disease. It is converted to Arginine to contribute to lowering blood pressure.

Carnitine – Important for metabolism. It improves glucose regulation in diabetes.

Theanin – Important for calming. It reduces stress and anxiety.

3) Antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that inactivate free radicals and prevent them from damaging the cells. The amino acid Arginine is made more effective in the presence of antioxidants. Antioxidants reduce the risk of heart disease, some cancers and improve immune system.

In my earlier post which covered many antioxidants to improve your immunity but here are the 4 major ones:

  • Vitamin E ( tocopherols ) –  Blood cell formation, reduce cholesterol oxidation .
  • Vitamin C – Collagen production, iron absorption
  • Zinc – Immune system maintenance, thyroid function, blood clot mechanism.
  • Selenium – Support metabolic pathways.

4) Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is mineral found in small amount in the body and is important for the maintenance of normal blood sugar level. Chromium Picolinate helps obesity and weight management by reducing hunger and feeling full.

Chromium is easily removed during food processing. So, you can find Chromium in as unrefined food as possible. Whole grains, vegetables, liver and oysters are the food source.

Chromium Picolinate is only available as a supplement. Recommended dosage is 200 mg for maintenance.

5) Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 ( CoQ10) facilitates the conversion of fats and sugars into energy for body function. It can also enhance physical performance in sports. It is a major player in the maintenance of optimal health.

CoQ10 can reverse or prevent the degeneration of the heart, lowers blood pressure and enhance carbohydrate metabolism in diabetes.

Food rich in CoQ10 are sardines, eggs, broccoli, wheat gem, and spinach. For optimal health, a dosage of 100-200 mg per day is recommended.

I will continue with the next 5 vital nutrients in the next post.

Have you tried any of these nutrients regularly? How do you feel?

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