Holidays are round the corner!

This is the time of the year for family dinners, cocktail parties and tasting of exotic food in the countries you travel to.

While the holiday season is a welcome and joyous time, it is also accompanied by high calories and high fat dishes, which we tend to over indulge. The result is extra kilos or pounds to your weight that you do not need.

Here are some strategies for healthy eating that will still allow you to enjoy the festivities.

1) Be Prepared

If you are going to spend hours traveling or shopping, pack a few healthy snacks with you. Fruits, whole grain crackers, cereal bars and nuts are good choices that you can eat on the go. This will provide you with the energy you need, prevent excessive hunger that will cause you to over eat during meal times.

2) Choose Wisely

Before filling your plate, survey all the selection. Choose more vegetables, whole grains and fruits and eat them first. This provides the bulk to fill your stomach.

Then go for the heavy rich food later, but take smaller portions. By then, you will be half filled from the fiber. Fiber will prevent absorption of fat from the heavy rich food.

3) Control Sugar

Food with refine or simple carbohydrates such as cakes, pastries, sweets spike your blood sugar. This puts your body on an insulin roller coaster, triggering more hunger. ( See my post on breakfast ).

Therefore, focus on whole grain, nuts and fruits , which are complex carbohydrates that will prevent sudden surge in blood sugar.

4) Be a Good Host

Offer healthier low-fat choices and more varieties of vegetables and fruits. Serve salads in fat-free dressing. Most guests will appreciate this as they are trying to watch their waistlines.

5) Choose Beverages Wisely

Liquors, sweet wine, sweet mixed drinks contain up to 450 calories per 6 oz. Alcohol increases your appetite and cause you to overeat. It also dehydrate the body.

So, take a glass of water in between drinks. Make sure you drink plenty of water after the party.

6) Eat Slowly

Enjoy your food and eat them slowly. Eating slowly will make you feel full earlier and you will not overeat.  Focus on spending time socializing with your family and friend to take the emphasis away from food.

7) Increase Your Activities

Burn away those excess calories by increasing your activity level. Take the stairs instead of escalators or lifts. Park further away so that you can walk more. Walk more briskly to increase the metabolic rate.

Wishing you Happy Holidays and have fun!

Do you have any other ways that will help?