Cancer is the uncontrolled growth and spread of cells. It can affect almost every part of the body. WHO (World Health Organization) projected the global cancer death to increase by 45% from 2007 to 2030.

The key causes of cancer are an unhealthy lifestyle of fast food, processed food, lack of exercise, and exposure to pollution, radiation and infections. We are all making cancer cells daily, but if the immune system is strong, it can prevent cancer cells from spreading.

Therefore, it is important that we regularly detox and cleanse our body of any harmful substance and waste to reduce the risk of cancer development.

Here are 4 key nutrients that can help prevent cancer development:

1) Burdock Root

Burdock root is traditionally used as remedy for measles, arthritis and tonsillitis. It is used to purify blood by removing toxins that build up in the blood. It is also a diuretic. That means more water is passed out in the urine, which helps to flush off toxins and reduce fluid build up in the body.

Active ingredients in burdock root are calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, flavonoids, inulin and polyacetylene. Polyacetylene is a plant chemical that helps to kill fungi and bacteria.

2) Sheep Sorrel

Sheep sorrel has the following benefits:

  • Improve blood system, heart, intestine and lungs functions.
  • It aids in the removal of foreign deposits from the blood vessel wall.
  • Purifies liver, stimulate growth of new tissues
  • Reduce inflammation of pancreas
  • Chlorophyll content carries and increases oxygen to the tissues. Cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of oxygen.

Active ingredients in sheep sorrel are carotenoids, chlorophyll, citric , malic , tannic, oxalic and tartaric acid.

3) Turkey Rhubarb Root

This is a well-known herb that is used as a medicine since 220 BC. It stimulates the gall bladder to expel toxic waste matter, purging the body of waste bile and food , thereby, cleansing the liver and relieve chronic liver problems.

Active ingredients in turkey rhubarb are Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, silicone, sodium, sulphur, zinc and calcium.

4) Slippery Elm Bark

This herb has a long history of use as a food supplement and herbal remedy. It sooth and strengthen organs, tissues and mucous membranes. It promotes healing of cuts, burns, ulcers and wounds. Slipper Elm revitalize the whole body.

Esssiac Formula

These 4 herbs are the main ingredients used by a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, who has successfully treated cancer patients for 40 years.

Back in 1923, Rene heard of a miraculous mixture that cured a patient from cancer sin the hospital she worked. It seemed that a Native American Indian gave the patient the recipe.

Rene obtained the recipe and used it on her aunt who had end-stage stomach cancer. Her aunt recovered fully and for the next 40 years, she freely helped many people recover from cancer.

Record showed that Sheep sorrel destroy cancer cells and reduce tumor growth. The other 3 herbs purifies the blood, cleanse the body systems of destroyed tissues. This combination is now known as the Essiac Formula (Cassie spelled backwards)

Start detox and cleansing your body to prevent cancer now. Have you tried these herbs? Share with me your experience in the comment box below.

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