The ultimate way to achieve a permanent weight loss results is to change your lifestyle of healthy eating habit and regular exercise. 

But, few can achieve that. Many of us wants to lose weight but cannot be committed to the program and give up half way. As a result, we can’t get the desired results.

Terry Young is an exception.  Once she made up her mind to get healthy, she stays committed to the program and reaps the reward of losing inches and body toning in the right places and developing a healthy lifestyle that can sustain the weight loss for good.

Here is an interview with Terry:

Su LeeWhen did you decide to go on weight loss program?

Terry: I have always been very interested in getting healthy, but have not been serious about it. I have a family history of hypertension, body fat and visceral fats. After the last medical check and the report showing less than ideal results, and a history of knee pain that bothered me, I decided to seriously do something about it.

Su Lee:  What did you do?

Terry: First, I did a 30 days detox program with Clear Start 30 Days Detox. This is program consist of 3 items; Paraway Plus to eliminate parasites from the body, LiFiber to scrub of all unwanted waste in the colon that has accumulated over the years and Nature’s Tea to clear the colon of toxins. I recorded what I need to do in a diary to track and managed the program.

After the detox program, I took Bios Life Slim, a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, 10-15 minutes before each meal to help regulate the blood sugar and train the body to burn fat. I also take Super Chlorophyll, which is chlorophyll based on alfalfa plant to regulate the body alkalinity.

Next, I engaged a personal trainer whom I trained with for an hour a week. She used the Pilate machine to work on the core body. She worked on my abdomen, legs, upper and lower body and strengthened my hamstring. I also walk for at least 1 hour every day.

In the first 6 months, I followed a strict vegetarian diet of fruits, vegetable, brown rice and whole grains and lentils. Then cut all meat, refined carbohydrates, seafood, processed food such as ham and alcohol.

My daily meals include:

  • Breakfast – roll oats, honey, dried fruits, low fat milk and 1 cup of green tea.
  • Lunch – 1 portion of cooked vegetable or salad, fruits and tapioca.
  • Dinner – brown rice, lentil and cooked vegetable.
  • 2 liters of water.

Next, I took up a body contouring package with Marie France Bodyline for 5-6 months. I followed the program closely and did not miss a single session.

Su Lee:  What were the challenges you face while going through the program?

Terry: The major challenge is when eating out with friends, family members and relatives. It is difficult to tell them I don’t eat some of the foods. I get funny look from friends when I told them I eat only fruits, vegetables and brown rice. However, I persevered and ignored the funny looks. I ordered only the vegetarian items from the menu.

Su Lee:  So, what were the results?

Terry: By the 4th month into the program, I started to feel that my clothes are loose. Many people start to comment that I lost weight from my facial features.  I find that my body became more flexible and supple. I lost about 20 inches of body fat.

Su Lee: What did you do to maintain this new body weight?

Terry:  My weekly exercise regime include, strengthening my core muscle as well as walking.

My diet is still based on vegetables and whole grain. But, now, I allow 2 meals a week to eat whatever I like such as pizza and chilli crab. I start to introduce some meat such as fish, chicken and lean beef into the meal in some days of the week. And I indulge in a piece of cake once in a while. I do not touch any beer and drink 1-2 wine a week occasionally. I drink 2 liters of water daily.

Su Lee: What advise would you give to people who are trying to lose weight?

Terry: One must be serious and be committed to the diet and exercise program. One must stick to it all the way. Ask yourself this question, “ If you do not take care of your own health, who is going to do it?

Terry is a perfect example of the commitment one has to make in the weight loss program and stick to it till you get the change in lifestyle habit. When you achieve that, you find it is all worth it !

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