Do you want to erase wrinkles, get energized, look and feel 20 years younger? Bob Greene says it is possible in his new book “ 20 Years Younger”.  To look and feel 20 years younger, your body has to be 20 years younger. He worked with medical experts come up with 4 pillars for antiaging; skin care, nutrition, exercise and sleep.

1) Exercise

Bob Greene recommended you should do a minimum of 200 mins of cardio work out a week. That works out to be about just 30 mins a day. This will help change the metabolism for the rest of the other 23.5hrs of the day.

Add strength training to tighten the abdomen and stabilizes the whole body. It also helps to burn fat through anaerobic exercise.

2) Skin Care

Dr Harold Lancer, the dermatologist whom Bob Greene worked with in the book, said, “ Skin Care will make you look better and mixed with a healthier lifestyle, you’re a winner”. He list the 3 steps to good skin care:

  1. Polish – Exfoliation to remove dead skin first
  2. Cleanse – Wash off what was lifted by exfoliation
  3. Nourish – Add nutrients to your skin, which increase its antioxidant and collagen level

Dr. Harold Lancer advice to avoid the common mistake of going to bed with make up on. This is because “make up have chemicals that just eat away your skin while you sleep”.

3) Nutrition

Eating the right food can add years to your life. Here are key things to note for healthy nutrition that is antiaging:

  • Ensure that half of your plate should be covered with fruits and vegetables.
  • Replace fattening starches such as white rice, bread and pasta with whole grains, brown rice and lentil.
  • Increase protein from lean meat such as fish , chicken and from plant base such as soy and beans.
  • Add spices and herbs such as ginger, garlic and basil to fight infections.

If you follow the above food groups, you should have no problem achieving the target 1700 calories a day which is slightly lower than the usual 2000-2500 calories a day for normal adult.

4) Sleep

Not getting enough sleep will shorten life and increase the risk of diabetes and obesity. Most people don’t think that lack of sleep can make them fat, but it definitely a contributing factor.

While sleeping, the brain produces Leptin, a hormone that suppresses your appetite. Not sleeping enough means that brain produce less Leptin, which increases your appetite.

Are you ready to take the challenging to looking and feeling 20 years younger? Try this now and let me know how you feel.

For more information, you can read it in the book “ 20 Years Younger” by Bob Greene.

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