Slim people seem to eat more than you and yet managed to maintain a nice figure. Their ideal BMI may be due to genetic or high metabolic rate. Genetic and health certainly play a part but it is mostly the slim person’s healthy habits and lifestyle that help him or her to maintain a healthy weight.

Here are the 7 healthy habits slim people have:

1) Slim people don’t diet

Dieting tells the brain of the imminent shortage of incoming food and sends the body into starvation mode. The body responds by lowering metabolic rate to burn less energy and ultimately reduce the fat burning. As a result, it is easier to put on weight and harder to get it off.

2) Slim people eat plenty of good food

Slim people have the habit of eating good food that provides the body with the right level of fat, carbohydrate, protein, minerals and antioxidants. They normally eat a balance diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and may occasionally allow themselves to eat fast food, chocolate or ice cream. But they eat healthy meals most of the time.

3) Slim people don’t binge

Most people of healthy weight range tend to stop eating whenever they are full. Even though they love the food as much as you do, they don’t over eat. They know that they can always eat later or another time.

4) Slim people don’t abuse food

Many people use food to deal with emotional problems or when they are stressed. If you are one of them, you should try to find out which emotion triggers the eating. Once, you have identified the specific area that triggers you to eat even when you don’t feel hungry, you can then focus on constructive ways to manage the problem.

5) Slim people exercise whenever and wherever they go

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes for weight gain. Slim people are normally active and they move about a lot. They take the stairs instead of the lift and escalator and walk a lot. They do some form of exercise regularly and feel more energetic.

6) Slim people aren’t obsessed with food

Slim people do not think of food all the time.  They may think about what to eating close to mealtime or when they are hungry. However, slim people are mindful of what they eat and make conscious decisions and choices of the type of food to eat.

7) Slim people don’t take too much sugary drink

The empty calories in the sugar drinks just creep into you and build body fats. Slim people do enjoy an occasionally Coke or soda but they don’t take these drinks all the time.

Follow these effective habits of slim people and develop a healthy lifestyle and habits that support your healthy weight and good health.

Do you know of other habits that people with healthy weight have? Share them with me in the comment box below.

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