Have you been working hard on your diet and exercise and find that you are still not losing any weight?

Here may be the reasons why you cannot lose weight

1) Lack of sleep

Sleeping less than 5-7 hours a night cause your body to product less Leptin hormone and more Ghrelin hormone. When Leptin hormone is normal, the body is satisfied and not hungry. Ghrelin hormone controls appetite. When Ghrelin hormone is high, it increases appetite and you feel hungrier, which makes you eat more.

2) Stress

High level of stress causes the body to produce the stress hormone, Cortisol. Cortisol creates inflammation in the body, which increases belly fat and makes you over eat to deal with the stress. Eating healthy snacks, exercise and meditation are some of the ways you can do to manage stress.

3) Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism means the body is not producing enough thyroid hormone. Thyroid is important for maintaining the body metabolism. When thyroid hormone is reduced, metabolism slows down and fat burning slows down as well.

4) Drugs

Some of the medication you are taking can cause you to put on weight:

  • Antidepressant, Steroids, Migraine medication cause you to increase appetite.
  • Antihistamine and sleep medication slows down metabolism.
  • Birth control pills cause water retention.

5) Water retention

Eating bad foods loaded with salt, sugar and fat can cause water retention. Not drinking enough water cause the body to hold on to the water leading to water retention. Use the guide of 30ml of water for very kilogram of body weight to ensure you are drinking enough.

Ensure these factors are controlled when you are on a weight loss program. Otherwise, you will be feeling frustrated why your program is not working and give up.

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