What can I offer?


The best of who you are;
your health, wellness and vitality

Hi, my name is Su Lee

I am a Chemist turned Entrepreneur and Wellness coach.

I am here to help you look good, feel great always & bring out the best of who you are!

QuoteTreat your body better than you would to a Ferrari!

When you crash your Ferrari, you can get another one.

But you cannot get another body!

We are what we eat is true.

So, to look good and feel great always, we need to be wise in our choice of food and nutrition.

I would like to share with you the information I have gathered so that you can be informed to make the right choice in what you eat.

There are tons of articles for you to look at.

If you need more than just information, I can be your adviser and consultant to guide you all the way on a step-by-step process to reach your personal health and wellness goal.

If there is a community or your workplace that you would like me to help, that is possible too!